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Build any bot you want.

We've got the triggers, blocks, databases and variables to make it happen.


Create commands, respond to events, and more.

Use flows to define what happens when a user interacts with your bot.

Pick a Trigger
like a slash command, button, RSS feed update, or 56 more.
Add Some Blocks
like Send Message, Assign Role, Create Channel, and 172 more.
Custom Blocks
allow you to combine multiple Inventor blocks into a custom block, with your own inputs and outputs.

Databases and Global Variables

Store and access complex data.

Create spreadsheet-like databases to store and access complex, structured data. Use global variables as a simple key-value store for simple strings and unstructured data.

Create a Database
with fully-custom columns for complex and structured data.
Global Variables
act as a simple key-value storage system for everything from API keys to JSON objects.
Read and Update Data
from the database and variable editors or with database blocks in your components.


Get blocks and flows created by the community.

Browse the library to find blocks and flows created by the community. Install listings with a few clicks.

like giveaways, welcome messages, and more can be installed then modified to your needs.
like API wrappers and common utilities can be included in your flows to speed up development.
Variables and Databases
can be included with listings to provide a complete solution.


Something went wrong? We'll let you know.

When something goes wrong on your end or ours, we'll let you know from the errors page.

Track Down Bugs
in your flows and blocks with the help of automatically-reported errors.
Manage Errors
with the ability to easily mark errors as resolved or ignored.
Get Notified
when something goes wrong with a simple Discord webhook integration.

More Features

Everything else you need to run a successful bot.

Share your bot with others and collaborate on it together.
See the last few days of usage to track trends and abuse.
Visualize bot growth over time and manually leave servers from the dashboard.
Customize the look and feel of the dashboard with a wide variety of themes.
Multiple Bots
Create and manage multiple bots. Each can have its own name, avatar and status.
Integrations and Connections
Incoming webhooks, network requests, and IFTTT integration are available for easy connection between Inventor and other services.
24/7 Hosting
All bots are hosted 24/7 on our servers, with no manual "verification" or other action required. View historical uptime.

Ready to start building?